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Shenzhen OKT Lighting Co., Ltd.

Designs and manufactures a cutting edge portfolio of commercial and residential LED lights

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    No.2076 Jincheng Rd, Shajing, Baoan, Shenzhen, China
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Company Profile
OKT Lighting designs and manufactures specification grade commercial and residential LED luminaires for the North American market. OKT started out as a high-end LED downlight manufacturer, and now has expanded its portfolio to include LED panel lights, LED volumetric troffers, LED linear pendant fixtures, LED linear high bay lights and emergency backup drivers. Over the years, OKT has become a recognized name in the U.S and Canada lighting market, particularly amongst lighting professionals, lighting designers, top-tier lighting contractors, major distributors and corporate customers.

OKT Lighting prides itself on having been redefining customer's expectations of performance, light quality and reliability. Its team strives to continually deliver innovative products to mitigate various challenges faced by lighting professionals due to the flood of low quality LED lighting products that hits the marketplace. OKT is dedicated to achieving the perfect balance of superior product quality and exceptional value for its consumers. OKT's commercial LED downlights are carefully engineered for glare free lighting with a modern design and advanced technical features. Its residential LED downlights are designed to blend seamlessly with ceilings for a contemporary and sophisticated look. The company's architectural LED troffers deliver unprecedented value and quality for use in remodel or new construction applications. The ultra thin edge-lit LED panel lights incorporate the company's proprietary waveguide optical architecture to transform any space with soft, low-glare illumination. OKT offers high efficiency linear LED fixture engineered for premium performance in low bay and high bay applications found in warehouses, modern distribution centers, order fulfillment centers, industrial spaces, and production facilities, etc.

OKT Lighting is committed to fostering a strong brand recognition in the North American market by maintaining a high standard of craftsmanship and a high level of consistency in quality control. The company's compelling technology portfolio continues to drive inventive design, uncompromising quality, and ultimately high customer satisfaction and brand credibility. From concept to completion, OKT Lighting builds reliability into every fixture. All products are designed, engineered, manufactured and tested through a standardized work flow controlled by rigorous QC procedure with integrated evaluation and testing systems. OKT's products have always been known for efficiency and reliability with UL, DLC, CSA, FCC, Energy Star, Title 24, TUV and SASO verified compliance or qualifications. OKT Lighting offers an impressive 5-year product warranty, which means an investment today will translate into exceptional performance and energy savings for years to come.

Today, with a growing team of talented engineers and a unique wealth of manufacturing experience accumulated since 2008, OKT Lighting is on the cutting edge of innovation and technology for LED lighting solutions. OKT Lighting has been prominently distinguished from its competition by delivering technical perfection, innovation and reliability through its fully equipped in-house manufacturing facilities. With aggressive research and development strategies, the company established its position in the lighting industry for proactively setting trends in terms of design, technology and efficiency. Paired with a dedicated sales force who has extensive experience in the industry and is well versed in delivering superior customer service, OKT Lighting is systematically geared to achieve levels of satisfaction unmatched by its competitors.
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